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The Greek Festival of Epidaurus

The Greek Festival takes place in various places of Athens (Herodes Atticus Theatre and normal theatres or cultural venues) and also in the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Little Theatre of Epidaurus. It offers a large range of performances: modern and ancient theatre, ballet, opera, jazz and classical music, dances, symphonic music and great singers and many other special events. The festival takes place from early June to late August.

International Jazz and Blue Festival

The International Jazz and Blues Festival takes place in Athens, in June, is welcomed by the theatre of Lycabettus. Lycabettus also welcomes every year many other events such as music, dances and theatrical performances from the national and international scene.

Rockwave Festival

The Rockwave Festival welcomes every summer in Athens international bands and musicians. It takes place in Malakasa, about 40 km north of Athens.

International Dancing Festival

The Athens International Dancing Festival aims to discover and promote new talents in dancing and choreography. It was first organized in 2003 and since then it is held every year.

Traditional Dancing Performances

Every year, from May to October, the Theatre of Dora Stratou presents performances of traditional Greek dances.

Video Art Festival

The Athens Video Art Festival started in 2005 and since then it attracts many fans of digital art. It is held in the cultural place of Technopolis, Gazi.

Greek Marathon

The Athens Classic Marathon, Greece’s major sports event that follows the original course from the Marathon to Athens’ Panathenaic Stadium, where the first modern Olympics were held, takes place every year and has its origins traced back to antiquity when, in 490 AD, the ancient Greek messenger Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the Greeks’ victory over the Persians at the legendary Battle of Marathon. This year’s race also marked 125 years from when the first contemporary Marathon race was held at the 1896 Athens Olympics.The event takes place in the start of November.

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